One-chord songs around the clock


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Music has never been so easy! This unique and innovative songbook contains more than 30 songs you can play with only one chord. The songs are categorized by topic, so you can easily choose a song that best suits your current need. All of the songs can be learned from the sheet music included in this book, and for added assistance, recordings of all of the songs are available online.

But One-Chord Songs Around the Clock is about more than just starting! While you can play all of the songs with a simple C chord, you can also easily explore new harmonies as you wish! Each song is given twice: first with a C chord and then with another.

This book is for you if you want to

  • Experience the joy of music-making instantly,
  • Start easy and progress to the next level whenever you want,
  • Practice something new by starting with easy songs,
  • Play one-chord partner songs or canons with others or
  • Involve literally everyone in playing music.

  • Discover the many faces of one-chord songs in this book, whether you are a would-be player or already a student of amusical instrument, a solo player or a band member, a music therapist or a music teacher!

    Sample pages (paperback)

    The additional features of the eBook (kindle interactive print replica edition)

    • all references to songs’ titles and chapter titles are clickable links
    • you can listen to all of the songs as the audio are added to the eBook
    • all URLs in the book (mainly in the “References”) are clickable links

    NOTE: These features are only available on certain devices (for details, check the page of the eBook on Amazon). If you download it to other devices then you will receive a standard print replica book.